So you’d like to give your kitchen a new look? Try refacing your cabinets. You’d be surprised by the beauty veneer and some new doors will bring to your kitchen. Refacing is suitable for cabinets with sturdy boxes. You save about half of what you would have spent in installing new cabinets. Refacing usually takes 2 to 5 days to complete after the cabinets come in and you can still use your kitchen whilst cabinets are being refaced.

In these easy steps, your cabinets can be refaced to give your kitchen that new look.

How it Works

Our installers will first measure the dimensions of your cabinets to determine the amount of veneer needed as well as the correct sizes and quantities for doors and drawer fronts.

After acquiring all material and hardware, cabinet and drawer fronts will be removed and cabinet box surfaces will be prepared.

Coverings are then applied and trimmed for a perfect fit.

Hinges and doors are finally installed leaving you with a transformed kitchen!

Reface or Replace?

Here are a few pointers to help you decide.

The Pros

  • If you’re not in the position to spend a relatively large amount of money on your cabinet but you’re still looking to breathe new life into your kitchen, consider cabinet refacing. Refacing your cabinets will generally cost you less ( about half the price of a new cabinet altogether)
  • Refacing is fast and usually allows for your kitchen to be used whilst your cabinets are being refaced.
  • It involves less work as you need not tear out your entire cabinet.
  • Refacing is an eco friendly kitchen solution because you aren’t adding to the landfill

The Cons

  • Unfortunately, refacing your cabinets will not fix a bad kitchen design neither will it improve functionality.
  • Because of the wide variety in veneer and laminate designs,you may be tempted to spend more on plastic covers and veneers and this will eventually save you less money.