Renovate to Sell

Renovating a home before a sale increases the value of a property but can be stressful for property owners either due to lack of funding or time. Let our ‘Renovate to Sell’ package take this hassle away.

Here’s how

We will spruce up your property through Painting, Flooring, Cabinet Refacing and Countertop replacement with our own funds. After the sale closes, you pay us for the cost of renovation which you would have preapproved before the start of the renovations. All extra proceeds go to the client.

There are no hidden costs!

An Example

After renovating a home valued at $247,000 for $5000, not only will the property sell faster, but the property value shoots up, let’s say to $263,000. After closing the sale on your home, you only pay us $5000 for the renovations. That’s an extra $11,000 for you!

How We Work

  1. We will begin with a visit from our designer, who will suggest areas of improvement.
  2. We will give a free estimate for suggested areas of improvement.
  3. A licensed and trusted realtor with competitive commission structures will provide you with a reliable pre and post renovation home valuation.
  4. Renovations are completed and your home is prepared for staging.

Why work with us?

  1. We are a team of skilled professionals who stand behind our commitment and work in a timely fashion to give you return on your investment.
  2. We use only medium to high grade materials to make our clients property a first choice for potential buyers.
  3. Our paints have ZERO VOC with laminates having at least AC3 ratings. Hardwood, carpeting and countertops used are modern, of high quality and require little maintenance.
  4. Our laminate and hardwood come with 25 years manufacturer warranty!
  5. Our installation services come with 2 years warranty. Be sure to call us back if you have any problems with the installation.
  6. Should you decide not to sell your property any more, we offer various flexible financing options such as 0% interest and deferred payments.

Our Promise

If the renovations do not increase your home’s value on the market, we will pay you back 50% of the cost of renovations. However, if homeowners take the house off the market within a year, they will owe us for the cost of renovation.